Hey all!

To begin with, I must apologise as I was supposed to have posted some recipes last week but life got in the way and I didn’t get round to it.

So, I have decided that I not only want to share with you guys my own personal weight loss journey, but I also want to share some of my own, personal recipes. All my recipes will be from my personal weight loss food plan and will aid dieting.

Today I want to share the recipe for my Creamy white sauce. I made this today for my Son and I (it is one of his favourites) and I decided to accompany it with Chicken fillet but it is also really nice with Lamb.

If you do decide to use this recipe, please be mindful that the recipe, which IS written for use in a slow cooker, is based around the size of our slow cooker bowls, I have the Cookware 3 in 1 slow cooker and the cooking bowls are 1.3L. So if your slow cooker is bigger, the recipe will call for a bit of measurement adjustments.

Cooking time…

4 hours on high or 6 hours on low (This is for the 1.3L slow cooker bowls)

For this recipe, you will need…

– 2 Shallots (Cut into chunks)
-1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
-1/2 Teaspoon of Black Pepper
-1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil
-1 whole clove of Garlic (Peeled and finely chopped)
– 6g of Ginger (finely chopped)
– 2 Tablespoons of grated parmesan
– 2 Tablespoons of mixed herbs
– 1 Tablespoon of Cornflour 
– 1 tablespoon of water
– 200g of Natural Fat Yoghurt (Must be full fat! If you use low fat, the sauce can split whilst cooking and it turns into goop, trust me, I made this mistake!)

Finely chop both the ginger and garlic and set aside. Then chop the Shallots into chunks and add to the ginger and garlic. Place the Natural Fat Yoghurt in a bowl, add the cornflour and mix thoroughly. Add the Parmesan to the mix and stir.


In a separate bowl mix the Black Pepper, Salt and mixed herb together, add the olive oil and tablespoon of water and mix together. Then add to the bowl of Yoghurt, cornflour and Parmesan and mix all together thoroughly. Add the garlic, ginger and shallots to the mix and place into a slow cooker. At this point, I allow this to cook on its own for an hour on high. After an hour, I pre cook whatever I decide to accompany with the sauce, in today’s instance, it was chicken. Which I then added to the cooking sauce and left to cook for 3 more hours on high.

Hope you enjoy it if you try it and if you do, drop me a line and let me know what you think. This recipe and many others will begin to appear on the “The Struggle with “Thin” Facebook dieting and weight loss group. Its a closed group of people just trying to get healthy and lose a few pounds. Come and join us! Hope to see you there!




So, as one of my readers kindly pointed out, the link for the support page didn’t work, I have posted the link for The Struggle with “Thin” page in both the Kryptobexisms Facebook and Twitter pages.


In this section, I will be sharing experiences of being a single parent and carer to a child with Autism. The Good and Bad, as my little dude is mid way in transition from Primary to high school (Not mainstream school). So expect rants about society’s behaviour to people of Autistic Spectrum disorders, minimal to no sleep induced articles and more than likely a few funny stories along the way.


Hey All!

On reflection and seeing the response to “A personal note” added with the cathartic feeling I gained from writing and posting that article, it made me come to the decision to take this place in a few different directions, as you may have read in “Moving forward.

In this section, which I have named The Struggle with “Thin”, named as such as I believe that many a weight issue has a psychological element, which can be a “Struggle within” (See what I did there, HAHA!) I know, its lame but what’s in a name?.

In this section, I am going to post healthy recipes and write about my own weight loss story, achievements and slip ups, because, I am only human. This is the section you will see sarcastic comments and hopefully, only the occasional profanity… HAHA!

I have also set up a Facebook support page for any of you guys reading this who are partaking in your own weight loss journey. Kryptobexisms is a support group for people trying to lose weight and get healthy. There you can get support, encouragement when you’re having a hard diet day. There will also be good, healthy recipes posted in there too and can post your own weight loss stories, recipes and achievements.

I know from personal experience, having support in losing weight can be a wonderful and encouraging thing and can make a world of difference to your mental attitude towards it all, especially on those hard diet days.

Hope to see some of you there.


Moving forward…

Hey Guys and Girls!!

First of all, I hope you are all doing well and feeling great!

Secondly, I want to take this opportunity to thank all who took the time to message me in regards to the “A personal note” article. It was humbling and absolutely mind-blowing that anything I had written could be seen as inspiring to anyone. The fact that it helped anyone in any way, makes me feel glad that I posted it. Thank you all again. You are amazing!

Thirdly, as you may have already noticed, there have been a few changes here. As I posted on the Kryptobexisms Facebook and Twitter pages, this place will no long be Wrestling exclusive. I will still write about Wrestling, after all, I don’t think this place would be without Wrestle Chat…. Hmm, maybe I might call the wrestling section that… We shall see.

Anyway, this will mean more content on different subjects and maybe a few laughs… (More than likely you laughing at me, than with me LOL) along the way.

I am excited about the changes and hope you all enjoy them too, and that you guys keep coming back to read more rantings from a mad, mouthpiece like me 🙂

Oh, did you guys see the new logo? ….

Hope you all like it!


A personal note…

Although this article is not wrestling related, I feel that it is a relevant subject and I want to address it on a personal level. This is not something I usually do, I am a private person and I don’t open up to many.

I am a plus size Woman. I, as a lot of other plus sized people have felt deeply self-conscious about how I look and have done since a very young age. Even in very young years when I didn’t really have a weight issue.

Last year, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and directly after it, a severe viral infection. Multiple Antibiotics and steroids prescribed to me and feeling wiped out and exhausted as a result of both illness and medication contributed to a huge weight increase. (It’s not the only reason I had weight, as hard as I tried, I never managed to shift the original baby weight I gained having my Son and I tried everything). This weight increase saw me balloon (and I mean BALLOON!) to between the UK sizes 20/24. I gradually got better but as my recovery progressed, my psychological mind-set on my physical appearance and body issues catapulted to an all time high. I closed myself off, wouldn’t go out of the house unless I had no other choice and there was no way in hell I would appear in any pictures.

As you may have already read, I recently attended a Wrestling event and had the opportunity to meet and get a picture with Mia Yim. As I am a huge fan, I decided to get a photo with her and the friend I attended with,all the while, trying not to be over taken by the creeping anxiety of how I would look in the picture. Then I got a notification from said friend who had tagged me in the picture, then I saw it. The usual “S**t!, I look horrific” thoughts began and I just didn’t want anyone to see it…. This was until, unlike the other times, my thought process took me to a place of asking myself why I punish myself and self hate just over the appearance of what, lets face its the outward shell of the person I am.

I mean, Yes, I am a plus sized Woman and No I don’t like it, but in the space of a year of working my ass off after getting better, I have dropped from Sizes 20/24 to Size 16/18.
No personal trainer, just a self devised eating plan and using the little mini Gym set up I have at home and work out DVDs. I used to attend an all female Gym up til I became ill, after that, I didn’t feel confident going). I won’t lie its does get boring and at this present time, I am in a plateau point but it hasn’t made me stop and I will continue to keep up working hard.

After contemplating this and what I have achieved in the space of a year, it lead me to ask myself another question…. After achieving a good weight loss and working so hard, why would I feel self-conscious of sharing a picture of myself meeting someone I respect and that visibly shows how much weight I have lost? And, even though, I know, I am not an idiot, I have a lot more weight to lose, the problem wasn’t in how I feel about my self, but lies more in the attitudes and disrespect from small-minded people.

The “Insta-Trolls”, the Twitter keyboard warriors and idiots of the world who laugh and belittle the efforts of a plus sized person busting their backsides, trying to make positive changes to their health and lives. To these people, I want to ask what is your issue? What is so wrong in YOUR life that you need to belittle people? To go out of your way to try break their spirit, make them feel worthless.! Why mock a plus sized person in a Gym, giving everything they have to make a difference in their lives for the better of their health? You need to take a good, long look at yourselves? You might feel it makes you look superior, big and clever (and masks whatever is missing in your life to make you need the attention), but you are the only one who does. To the rest of the world, capable of showing respect, where it is due to people busting their ass to make positive changes to their health and life, you look like a pathetic, petulant individual, infected with arrogance and ignorance.

To closed-minded to grasp the fact that weight issues can be caused by more than just eating a poor diet. Under active thyroid gland, long-standing injury and like in my case, medication. Google is a great tool, as are Libraries for research and educating yourself when you aren’t riddled with ignorance.

BODY SHAMING IS NOT OK! In any case or aspect. I refuse to allow these people to win, so I posted the pic to my social media accounts.

To all my plus sized people out there, working hard to get fit and healthy to try drop your weight, encountering the arrogant ignorance in the Gym or getting those comments on social media. I AM SO F**KING PROUD OF EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! Take their negativity and let it be your fuel and motivation. After all, the best revenge is success.

Share that selfie and those progress pics. You deserve to be proud of your achievements, big or small!! Throw up that middle finger to the negativity and BE PROUD OF YOU!!

On a personal note, I have allowed myself to let my body issues, lack of confidence and self-conscious mind-set to limit myself and take away from the person I am. I am sure I am not the only one who has. I won’t be allowing it to any longer, I hope none of you do either and if this post has helped or encouraged just one person today, then I am happy.

And in the spirit of not allowing it to anymore away from me…. Here is the picture of myself and my friend meeting Mia Yim.

God I am a fat bitch


TCW High Tide 2018

Fresh off the back of my first time attending a TIDAL Wrestling event and I was not disappointed!

From the loud and vocal crowd, to great, entertaining matches, to Joseph Conners singing a highly unique version of “Living La Vida Loca”, TCW’s High Tide 2018 was an absolute riot and blast from beginning to end.

Before I go on, on a personal note, other than being a wrestling fan, the main reason I wanted to attend this event was because I discovered Mia Yim would be participating in a match. Those who know me well, know I am a huge fan of hers since she debuted at Impact….

Speaking of Mia Yim, she was in the first match of the night facing Reigning, defending Women’s Champion, Li’l Miss Roxxy, a match that was definitely befitting of the phrase “go hard or go home”. This, for me, was one of the best matches of the night, culminating in the crowning of a new Women’s Champion and a victorious, Mia Yim.

And your new TCW Women’s Champion, Mia Yim, or 2 match, Mia.

After the match, Mic in hand, she then issued an open challenge for her newly won Championship. A challenge, answered by non other than…. Ligero. This was in fact a brilliant unexpected match, with a good few laughs thrown in, especially when Mia Yim told Ligero “You hit like a bitch!”. Was great and entertaining with the expected end result of Mia retaining her Women’s Championship.

Next up was a tag match pitting The Proven (Crash & Wilder) against The Purge (James & Krowbar). This was the first time I had gotten to see The Purge but found them to be very impressive, (A side note, they so reminded me and had a hint of a look of a young Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt, no insult intended!). This was a match I really enjoyed. Great ability on both sides ending in The Proven taking the win.

Next match, one I was I was looking forward to, was for the TCW Open Championship, seeing Champion, Brady Phillips take on the Challenger, Sean Only.

The one and only…

Have to state that, after multiple friends told me about Sean Only I went on the hunt for some of his matches, YouTube is great!, so I knew who he was and how good he is,and have to state he is just as brilliant as my first opinion of him was. The match, which was awesome from the start, was rudely interrupted by Kayman’s attempt to insert himself into the match, a move which was unsuccessful and ended in him being given a stunner by the Ref. Now, able to get back to the match that was originally scheduled we saw a brilliant showing from both Men but in the end Phillips retained.

The Women’s three-way match of Charli Evans, Isla Dawn and Millie McKenzie was a great example of the level of brilliance there is within the World of Women’s wrestling. This was a great exhibition of all three Ladies in ring prowess. I can honestly say, I have huge respect for all three competitors and I am now a fan of Charli Evans. Was a great match and a pleasure to watch and saw Isla Dawn pick up the win.

The tag team Championship match was a bit of a treat for me, this is because I had never seen Lion Kings or Kings of catch in competition before. In honesty, this match was one of my favourites of the night. Both teams easily boast good in ring ability and just as entertaining. Each move as good as the last and resulting in Lion Kings retaining.


A victory short-lived as The Proven laid into Lion Kings (see above) , announcing they were coming after the TCW tag team Championships.

Now, in what was the match of the night for me, saw the TCW  Heavyweight Championship being defending in a four-way match, of which Champion, Joseph Conners against contenders HT Drake, Dara Diablo and Naoki Tanizaki.

The Man, Naoki Tanizaki

As Tanizaki made his entrance, the loud and proud crowd (IN LEEDS…. People who attended know, when you know, you know ) in attendance began vocally expressing and singing their appreciation for the presence of Tanizaki, much to the annoyance of the Heavyweight Champion.


The Champ refused to compete til everyone stopped, encouraging the crowd to continue and hijacking the match for a good 10 mins. Conners, who was hilariously still refusing to enter the ring then took to the mic with a song of his own….. Living La Vida Loca with “Shut your fucking mouth” taking the place of the song lyrics. (It was at this point that I was so pissed with myself for not hitting the record button).

As hilarious as the antics of the crowd, the match did eventually get underway, action was fast, furious and spilled out into the crowd. A hard-fought match and every bit as awesome as my expectations hoped it to be. The end of the match saw bloodied mouths for Naoki Tanizaki and Joseph Conners and a new Heavyweight Champion in HT Drake…. Who had a short celebration, when former Champ, Conners, attacked him and disappeared with the Championship.

The last match of the night between Rampage Brown and Josh Alexander came to an unfortunate end as Rampage suffered a dislocated shoulder in the match. Rampage then posted, via his Twitter that he had his shoulder put back in place at the hospital and he will be out for a few weeks.

Here’s wishing Rampage a speedy recovery!!

So, here I am writing this article on my first TCW event, which, in all honesty and sincerity was one of the most enjoyable and entertaining nights I have ever had. All matches were awesome, I don’t have a bad word to say, the crowd we’re loud and proud, the event and atmosphere were an absolute perfect reminder of why I became a fan of Wrestling in the first place.

If you have never been to a TCW event before, you don’t know what you are missing! Get yourself to one of their events. You will not regret it. Their next event, will be at Temple of Boom, Leeds, on Sunday 22nd July, beginning in the afternoon with all Women’s Wreatling event, “Hell Hath No Fury” and continuing later in the evening with the 2nd annual, “Battle of skulls”.

To the rest of my readers, regulars and new who don’t live in the UK and want to see what TIDAL Wrestling is about, head to YouTube, there are match videos and you can also subscribe to their YouTube channel.


This is an article I have wanted to write for quite
some time now. In this age of social media,
Twitter and the like, allow Joe Public to interact
with the “celebrity” of the world. This also extending
and being true to Wrestling, the performers and the
fans who admire them.

Having been silent, but still active on social media,
I have had the chance to sit back and watch many
interactions between Wrestling fans and workers of all description
in the wrestling business. Now, I understand the concept of
“Heel characters” and I also understand what being a
passionate and opinionated fan is. But there have been multiple
times, I have watched lines get crossed and interactions
go too far.

When it comes to us Wrestling fans, we can be loud,
highly outspoken and opinionated. We articulate our
opinions on social media but this does not mean we
believe we “know better”, but there are some instances
where die hard fans get carried away. A thing, that
after many years in the business, most officials and
performers must have become used to it.

But sometimes, I have observed cringey tweets that are
not far off the equivalent of a child stomping meltdown,
for no other reason than someone getting a championship
opportunity that they believe don’t deserve it. Now,
everyone has their favourites and people they just don’t
like, you only have to listen to a WWE audience when John
Cena’s music hits to know that. But, to go
as far to hurl insults and whinge about it and keep
watching something you find bad, almost borders on
Einstein’s definition of insanity. I am intrigued and it
makes me want to pose the questions…. What do you
believe having what is basically a
tantrum on social media going to do? And what do you envision
you will achieve?. I obviously pose these questions as a
rhetorical offering because I have asked these in the
actual sense before to people doing this and they had
no logical response, but I digress.

But, then and to be fair to the aforementioned people,
some of these behaviours aren’t one sided to disgruntled
viewers and fans….

We have all heard the stories of Male and Female
performers of the Wrestling world, who were not exactly
the nicest towards fans from long before social media.
It is definitely not a “New thing” and simply highlighted
by social media. There are a few, who are vocal about
their dislike of meeting fans. Some just feel a little
irritated and disgruntled at certain instances that they
are approached. It wasn’t too long ago that Sasha Banks
caused some mixed reactions in both fans and her fellow
co-workers alike, after stating she wasn’t a fan of being
approached at Airports. I do, sincerely understand the
concept of tiredness, bordering on exhaustion, (I am the
parent of an ASD child, who can completely recharge off
half an hours sleep, what is sleep, right?) but this is
one of the prices of fame! It might be an aspect that at
times isn’t great but it comes with the territory, part
and parcel of the job.

Another thing that I do feel an unnecessary evil and
frankly, quite petualant is some people in the wrestling
business, NOT ALL, and also some “Fans” (who want to
appear “A part of that gang” or “like they’re above
everyone else”. Which in actual fact, they don’t! They
come across as a tool. That isn’t my words, a worker
said that to me),  referring to people as “Marks”
or “Smarks”, this, I have seen used more often than not
in response to comments, opinions or ideas they dislike
or disagree with. I know and completely understand heel
characters must be maintained but there is a difference
between character maintainance and telling someone what
they are saying is stupid, just because its not your
way of thinking! A word to the wise, You’re not always
right, you know and all people have different
perspectives, if we didn’t life would be boring!!

At this point, I want to point out, I have never been
referred to as a “Mark” or “Smark” but I am sure I will
be after this article is posted. You know, as one of
“Mature”, not childish responses….

As Wrestling fans, realising, yes, we can and should
have an opinion on what we are watching and paying to
attend, but this doesn’t give us licence to rant on social media
like petualant kids. It doesn’t get your voice or opinion
heard, and yes, I imagine a lot of people saying “they
don’t listen anyway”, I am going to respond with an example
of someone who is willing to, when its a calm and civilised debate.
I was on Twitter a few weeks (ish) ago and saw a Twitter
exchange between a guy and Brian.G. James, (we all know
better as Road Dogg). The guy tweeted an opinion, in
general conversation and Brian. G. James responded with
“What would you have done?” or something along them lines.
This lead to an intelligent and civilised debate about this
guys point of view.

My point is, some will listen, if approached in a civilised

Debate goes a longer way than hate! … I think that is
a good thing to remember, and in every aspect in life.


This is a post that will probably see me lose a lot of Facebook friends
and multiple Twitter followers. That being said,
One thing I have always been on here is honest. Both with my details and
my opinions.

I know a lot of my regular readers have noticed my absence from this blog.
The emails, messenger chats and DMs I have received have been appreciated.
This post will hopefully help with the explanation of my absence.

For the longest time now, I had found that my passion as a wrestling fan had diminished.
I have only recently started going to shows again, after over a year, I still watch online and on TV, but the excitement wasn’t as much, not the way it used to be. This, in part is some of the reason I haven’t posted on here in a while.

I tried, for many months and despite my efforts and having plenty of material to work with to write, the will and inspiration was gone and as hard as I tried to fathom why I had this “writer’s block”, I just couldn’t get the the root of the problem. This was until I had 1 specific conversation.

To those who know me personally, who know and have seen me be a strong person in my day to day life, this will surprise them. I don’t allow a lot to chink my armour and certainly not in the long term, but here goes….

One of two scenarios, a negative experience with an independent wrestling individual and male attitudes to not just Female bloggers/vloggers on Wrestling, but Female Wrestling fans in general. The latter, I know is not
an uncommon thing.
This laughable opinion that Women can’t have opinions or ideologies on Wrestling. As I said, not uncommon, but I started hearing it more and more. I am not ashamed or embarrassed to admit that after
a bit of time, I did start to question, not just my ideas and opinions but also my writing abilities. After all, as someone
who really only does this as a hobby, it made me question my thought processes and my ability to articulate them.

After some contemplation time and reading these comments from these Keyboard warrior guys (who I am absolutely sure
have booming social lives and their lives together…) I have simply this to say…. You’re all hypocrites!! “Women can’t have opinions on Wrestling” , but you fan girl on the Women IN Wrestling! These Women, who were once just fans
of Wrestling! Who will have had opinions on Wrestling, who then went on to work in that industry! Let that sink in!

The Women’s revolution, or evolution or whatever they are calling it, doesn’t have to start and stop with the Women Wrestlers!
It can be about the Women and young Girls passionate about watching, going to shows and enjoying their experiences!
It can also apply to Women, Women like Me, who have that passion and inspiration to write about it. There are more and more of us out there. Every Single Women’s Wrestling fan CAN and SHOULD be a part of it. You’re ignorance and arrogant
comments will NEVER stop this and it will not stop me writing about it here, nor will you stop other Women and girls from doing so!

My writing can’t be that irrelevant and unwanted, I have people from all over the world, click on my link to read my posts and return regularly! Now, before I start uproar, this isn’t all Men, far from it.
There are more Men supporting Female writers than not! Again, allow this to sink in! The point is, our opinions are just as relevant as anyone else. Don’t like it? Don’t click the links and scroll on by.

The second part to this will be brief. I refuse to name the individual involved because naming would only bring this person attention and let’s face it, would be classless. (Yes, I do possess some class, for an outspoken, partial mouth piece).
I met this individual after a show I attended and this person was on the event, got along with them, Facebook was mentioned and ended up adding them.
A bit of time went by and some derogatory comments were made about Single Mothers and I took exception to them. As a single Mother of a Child with Autism, who would move Heaven and Earth for My Child, I found the specific generalised
comments unnecessary. I decided this person wasn’t someone I wanted on my Facebook, so I removed them. Only to be messaged months later, with the expectation of an explanation. (Even though we weren’t close and didn’t really talk).
Being met with such a nasty attitude by this person, and finding out at a later date had been slated to others from the show I attended, then was called some horrible things, I am ashamed to admit it, made me stop going.


Now, this isn’t me using it as a means to whinge. I mention this for two reasons….

1/ I have heard some BS stories about this situation and wanted to set the record straight.

2/I should never have allowed myself to stop going to and enjoying something I have loved since I was a kid. One negative experience, with one individual doesn’t make others on the show the same as them.

Through this blog and Facebook, I have gotten to know a handful of people in the industry, Indy people and I am lucky to call
a couple of them friends. Many great people!


I have to admit, as I sat down to watch TLC, this is the first time in a long time, that I was completely, utterly and genuinely excited for a WWE PPV event. Even with the unavoidable changes to the card. A viral infection seeing Bray Wyatt replaced by AJ Styles in the match against The Demon, and Roman Reigns replaced by Raw General Manager, Kurt Angle, These changes, for me, only made TLC not only more intriguing but also more excited and had me eager to watch.

As some of my regular readers know, I have been eagerly and somewhat impatiently waiting for the Raw debut of Asuka for some time. I believe that her arrival will give the Women’s division a huge shake-up, bringing her hard hitting dominance from NXT to the Raw. The Empress of Tomorrow’s debut did not disappoint. It may have been a while coming, but was definitely worth the wait. I truly feel Asuka V Emma was a great match and I was very impressed by Emma. I was glad to see that it wasn’t the “Squash match” (not my words,) that some people were expecting.

Funny moment or should I say, moments of the night came courtesy of Jason Jordan, who showered Elias in Celery every time he came out to sing, this culminating in a match between Elias and Jordan which would end seeing Jason Jordan the victor.

Before I mention the Cruiser weight tag team match, I want to say, heel or face, I LOVE Brian Kendrick! I think the guy is awesome! Now, talking of the match itself, Brian Kendrick & Jack Gallagher V Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann (who’s entrance is fab!!) I feel was another great match. I love to watch the Cruiser weights in action, always enjoyable, always entertaining. The ending saw the team of Alexander & Swann with the victory.

I thought the match for the Raw Women’s championship was brilliant…. ( I can almost hear the eye rolls of mainly dudes who think Women shouldn’t have an opinion on wrestling or that Women should get this much attention in wrestling, but tough!) It was a great back and forth between James and Bliss. Ultimately, Bliss retained her championship. Now, this had me thinking and I have a theory…. As we know, Bliss said she had ran through everyone in the division, this is what caused Mickie James to come at Bliss, after Alexa called Mickie old and basically stated Mickie’s time had gone. Now, she has beat Mickie, she has gone through the division, bar one, Asuka! My theory? Simply this, WWE Creative have the plan to have Asuka dethrone Alexa Bliss as champion. This would be something I would see as a positive and I would also like to see this match.

As a side note, as I mentioned the Bliss/James match, I just want to say that, as a Woman of a similar age as Mickie James, I have unlimited respect for her. She can still go out there and do it better than most. That’s talent, that’s balls and that is worthy of respect! I have always been a fan of Mickie James and always will be.

Enzo Amore, the only guy I know that can lose his voice and still manage to talk smack managed to regain the Cruiserweight Championship from Kaliso. Cocky Enzo resorting to a thumb to the eye in an enjoyable match. (I am aware this is thin but I had a little interference during this part of the broadcast).

Now, this is something I could talk about like an excited child…. The match between A.J. Styles and The Demon! A match for me that wasn’t just match of the night, but my personal match of the year! I have to admit, that The Demon’s entrance is my favourite entrance in WWE. Its captivating and absolutely mesmerising. This truly was a dream match scenario and highly anticipated. The “This is awesome” chants before the match even began is a complete testament to this fact. Throughout the match, the crowd was deafening, with split chants for both participants. I can’t remember the last time, the audience in attendance were that invested, that into a match. The match itself was indeed awesome, epic even. If this is what Balor and Styles do with only a couple of days to prepare, imagine the possibilities with more time to prepare. I doubt this is the last time we will see these two compete against each other and after that, I can not wait for the next time. I also loved the show of respect between both competitors at the end of the match. Ending in the “Too sweet” sign.

When I heard that Kurt Angle was replacing Roman Reigns in the TLC Handicap Match, the teenage wrestling fan inside me was overly excited! 11 Years after he last competed in a WWE ring, he was back and was joining 2/3 of The Shield. I knew this was going to be good, this match also failed to disappoint. We got the obvious Tables, Ladders and Chairs and at one point, a Garbage Truck! The action was everywhere!
The team of The Miz, Sheamus & Cesaro, Strowman and Kane dominated and after Angle was taken out of action by Strowman putting him through a table, it seemed they had the match won. This was until Kane gave Strowman a chokeslam through the stage then set the display chairs crashing down from the ceiling to the floor on top of Strowman. This would, however, not keep Strowman down and the rest of his team began a beat down on the Monster among Men. This and the return of Kurt Angle to the match, saw the team of himself and the shield victorious, after a triple power bomb on Miz and Angle got the pin. This match was Excellent, in my opinion exceeded expectations by miles.

Kurt Angle, in a WWE ring competing again…. Absolute respect!

Lately, I have been quite impressed with WWE’s creative direction, yes, they do have a bit to go but they have done good. TLC was Excellent, I am so glad I stayed up to watch it…. (In the UK, WWE PPVs don’t start til 1am generally) it was worth it!