Raw after Wrestlemania

As I sit down to watch Monday night raw, I realise for the first time in years, I was actually eager and excited to watch it. After the events of Wrestlemania I had a good feeling about raw… I was right, I have to say I thought it was good.

First of all, I have to say, I absolutely LOVE the energy of the audience in attendance the night after Wrestlemania. Vocal and hyped up, makes watching at home a little more enjoyable too. Speaking of the WWE audience, they didn’t hold back in letting Roman Reigns know exactly how they felt about him. Negative and expletive chants were a plenty and in full volume. Met, by Reigns with a one liner comment, of which didn’t calm the WWE fans vocal storm.

Then we have an appearance from Vince McMahon who, lets be fair came out and announced (which we already knew) that Kurt Angle is back and here as General Manager. I have to admit to being intrigued to see where WWE Creative are going to go with this one. Hopefully, in a good direction, considering that quite swiftly after the separation of the brands, the whole “Authority” storyline (that just doesn’t work anymore) came back. Which in my opinion is tiresome. I am looking forward to a hopeful change for the better.

We also saw action as the Hardy Boyz defend their newly acquired Raw Tag Team Championship against former champions, Gallows and Anderson. After a great match, we saw the newly returning Hardy Boyz victorious again.

Also, seeing the debut of NXT Superstars, The Revival, who made their presence felt in response to an open challenge from the new day. An absolutely impressive showing from The Revival saw them get the win over the 2 time tag team champions. WHAT A DEBUT!!

Now, I have to mention the 6 women tag match. After a very confusing and stretched out time away, Emma made her return, tagging with Nia Jax and Charlotte, taking on Bayley, Sasha Banks and Dana Brooke. So, here is when I know I am not going to be very popular but I will always be honest here… Dana Brooke, (in my opinion and I know there are a lot who agree) was brought up to the main roster too soon! We have seen the countless blunders that have happened by her and I think she could have benefited from longer in NXT. That being said, I have noticed some improvement since creative broke her away from Charlotte. I guess we’re going to have to wait and see. This match to me, was good and enjoyed it.

I was, of course expecting Lesnar and Paul Heyman to make an appearance, what I wasn’t expecting was for them to be interrupted by Braun Strowman. But, I have to admit, Lesnar and Strowman…. This is a match I want to see. Here’s hoping in the near future we get to see it.

I was ecstatic to see the return of Finn Balor to team with Seth Rollins in the main event against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. This a change to the advertised match after Jericho was attacked in the back by Owens and Joe. Brilliant match to end raw.

I found raw to be the most enjoyable one that I have seen in the longest time. I just hope this momentum carries on beyond this episode of raw and with the Superstar shake up that Mr. McMahon promised us next week, I look forward to see who gets moved and what comes next.



There is no way I can begin this post without mentioning The Undertaker. The first time I saw him I was 9/10 years old and even though, at that age, the sight of a Man rolling his eyes scared me to my core, but there was something intriguing and compelling about the Phenom, even at that age. For me, The Undertaker WAS my childhood of watching wrestling. Continuing on into my teens and adult life.

For every awesome match and memories, thank you, Undertaker. You may have passed the torch to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania and I mean no disrespect to Reigns, but, to all us fans, it will ALWAYS be your yard!


Now back to Wrestlemania, this will shock some but I thought Wrestlemania was a blast! One of the highlights of the night was the returning Hardy’s, even though there were whispers and back and forth of their return, it didn’t stop the entire arena erupting as soon as their music hit! I am not ashamed to admit that I let an excited scream out! This excitement prolonged by them capturing the raw tag team championship. I never thought I would ever be able to say that but I am elated to be able to!

Match of the night for me had to go to Shane McMahon V AJ Styles. Shane showing that he may know how to throw hands but isn’t too shabby in the technical department of a wrestling match. I enjoyed the match from the bell to the pin, seeing AJ Styles get the victory.

I also have to quickly mention the match for the Smackdown Women’s championship and you know what I am going to say, I am incredibly happy that Naomi came back and creative decided to give her back the championship. I am very interested to see where it goes. I am a big advocate of Naomi and feel she deserves a real run with the championship.

The Universal Championship match was pretty much what I expected and in the end saw Lesnar get the victory.


My second favourite match of the night has got to be Bray Wyatt V Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. I knew it was going to be a weird one, but the projections on the canvas were bizarre but it was a great match up.

I have to admit that Wrestlemania took my expectations and gave me the middle finger. I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, the fact I was wrong about this makes me incredibly happy. This Wrestlemania had me excited to watch Raw for the first time in a long time.


Elimination Chamber and the fallout on Smack Down Live.

I can not begin this post without starting by mentioning the Elimination Chamber match itself. We have a new WWE Champion in Bray Wyatt!! This in my honest opinion is something that is much deserved and has been long overdue. The eater of worlds is without doubt one of the, if not the most intriguing, and intensely captivating superstars that has ever appeared in a WWE ring. I am very much excited to see where this Championship reign takes both Wyatt and the storylines to come.

With this said, the stage is set for Wrestlemania… Or so we thought. The closing moments of Smackdown after successfully retaining his championship in a tripe threat against AJ Styles and John Cena, Wyatt was joined in the ring by the winner of the Royal Rumble match, Randy Orton. Who pledges his allegiance to Bray and refuses to face him at Wrestlemania. This, for me, was a little bit of an anti climax but not too much, as once again, I have a personal theory in my head….

Luke Harper firmly in Bray Wyatt’s face, including attacking his as he made his way to the ring for his triple threat match, could it be that we could see Harper being considered as a part of Wrestlemania? Or my personal favourite theory, Orton decides nearer the time to take his rightful place as the winner of the Royal Rumble match of his shot at the Championship, in a triple threat at Wrestlemania agains both, Wyatt and Harper. This to me, would be something fresh, something we haven’t seen before and could be one of the best matches on the Wrestlemania Card, whether it happens or not, remains to be seen, again, this is just a personal theory.

Now, on to the Women’s division and congratulations to the NEW Women’s Champion, Naomi! You guys know and I have said it in a few of my posts on here, that I have believe Naomi has been held back for the longest time and deserved this spot. She is the most athletic and more likeable Women in the company and I was absolutely over the moon when she won the Championship. She does DESERVE it!

I also have to say that I love how Smack down use their Women’s division. They had 3 women’s matches at the Elimination PPV. This has to be said and I commend the fact that this happened.

Maybe this Women’s revolution is salvageable yet…

Royal Rumble, an objective perspective…

After I watched Royal Rumble, I do have to admit to not thinking it was as good as it may have been made to be. HHH, himself was quoted as saying “No one will see it coming”, this was in reference to who would be the winner of the Royal Rumble match. Now, whereas I do feel it wasn’t as inconceivable as HHH’s statement made it out to be, considering the story line of late and Orton’s association with the Wyatt family, in hindsight, it might not have been as expected as some of the others to win.

I will also admit that as it happened I was amongst those people who wasn’t ecstatic about the outcome of the Royal Rumble match. I did feel, with the amount of talent that has been drafted up from NXT and that has been brought into the company, now would have been a good chance to do something new and unexpected, this is until I had a chance to think it over….

I think this Royal Rumble may have been less of a “There is a change going to happen” and more of a think of the bigger picture event. We all know that Elimination Chamber comes before Wrestlemania, now we know that Orton is the Royal Rumble winner, and goes on to have a Championship match at Wrestlemania, now, what would we not see coming? Do remember that when I say this, it is mainly conjecture, a possible theory… Bray Wyatt enters and wins the elimination chamber match. In my opinion, Bray Wyatt is one of THE most intriguing superstars to be in a WWE ring for the longest time and in my personal opinion has been long overdue a title run… Maybe his time is coming close to being upon us.

We also have the very visible set up for Roman Reigns V The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Although, a part of me wanted an Undertaker V AJ Styles match. It’s a match up that I would have loved to have seen plus, I kind of like the idea of a “Phenom V the phenomenal one” match, but that’s just a “Becca” thing.

Either way, I do think this Royal Rumble, which some are not happy with, is a set up for something more. I’m quite looking forward to seeing how it all develops.

Highlights from the Royal Rumble for me, personally were The Styles/Cena match for the WWE Championship, I thought it was a brilliant match and both Men were awesome.

Another was the WWE Cruiserweight match between Rich Swann and Neville. Swann is an absolute thrill to watch in the ring and I am absolutely LOVING heel Neville.

All in all, its was a good PPV, good matches and has done its job when it comes to setting up the road to Wrestlemania.

I have a feeling Raw may just be a good one….

Wooooooo…. Happy new year!!

Hope you all have a fantastic 2017.

Taking this opportunity to say thank you and show appreciation to all my readers, those who have and still do support my blog since day one and all the people who have come along and supported it. You guys are the reason krytpobexisms exists and I am thankful for each and every one of you.
Here’s to 2017 


Post Brand Split thoughts…

There has been quite a bit of time since the brand split of Raw and Smackdown took place. As a fan, I was one of what  appeared to be a minority that wasn’t exactly enthused by the decision of a brand split. Considering the dismal issue of Raw’s rating pre brand split, I and others I spoke to, felt it was bad timing for this to take place. This opinion wasn’t shared by everyone…. There were many excited by the prospect of the brand split. A concept I found ironic, as these same people complained about the brand split the FIRST time it happened and practically threw a party when it came to an end, but hey! Each to their own opinions, I say.

Post brand split, in my opinion, I have been more impressed by Smackdown, than Raw, of course this is my personal preference. I find that Smackdown Live is more enjoyable and have been more impressed with the Smackdown usage of it’s talent, for instance, at present, the Women’s division is seeing a whole host of the roster being actively used and has its upcoming 6 pack challenge for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. This is just one of the reasons I am enjoying Smackdown more than Raw. Now, this being said, I think (with the exception of Finn Balor winning the Universal Championship, which he sadly had to relinquish, I wish you a speedy recovery, Balor) Kevin Owens becoming Universal Champion is the best thing to happen on Raw since the brand split. A lot of people thought Reigns was going to win and was complaining about the concept. I think Owens becoming the Universal Champion is a brilliant move, because like him or not, the man is exceptional and has been since he debuted on the main roster!

All that being said, I think now that the brand split has happened, it is nonsensical to have Raw as a 3 hour show! The roster was divided between the two brands. leaving it harder to have a full and credulous show that won’t see us having to witness the same matches week after week. I think Raw should go back to a 2 hour show, mainly because I feel it could lead to stale matches and dead end creative options, I am aware that some will not agree and like I said each to their own. In a week that has seen Del Rio leave the WWE and talk of other Superstars on Raw vocalising their not so happy thoughts upon bookings etc, I think the concept of Raw going back to 2 hours is something that should be seriously considered, especially considering looking at the rating statistic of the past 6 months, the biggest ratings drop is ALWAYS within the final hour…

Extreme Rules…

There is NO WAY I can start this post without saying this first…. Match of the night, for me, was split between two matches! The first being the fatal 4 way for the Intercontinental Championship….
Zayn straight in and meaning business, taking Owens out on the ring of the bell with a Helluva Kick. I am hearing people saying Zayn isn’t a popular person upon the IWC and fans in general but I absolutely love him and I actually wanted to see him walk away with the Intercontinental championship. Cesaro following suit, sending Miz flying out of the ring, leaving the match to actually start with him and Zayn. It is great to see Cesaro (a man who’s entrance goes from James Bond to Magic Mike in 0.2 seconds and the fan girls LOVE it!!) back in the thick of a storyline and in such a great match as this, exciting and entertaining from the beginning, seeing action in and outside of the ring it was brilliant to watch. Seeing multiple covers and finishers, Cesaro kicking out after Miz hit the skull crushing finale,  A neutraliser to Kevin Owens and a skull crushing finale to Kevin Owens at ringside had the fans in attendance into roaring cheers and chants of “This is awesome”, a sentiment I more than agreed with. The closing moments saw Sami Zayn connected with a Helluva kick to Cesaro, to then be pulled out of the ring by Owens, then Miz takes advantage, covering Cesaro to take the win and retain the Intercontinental Championship. Granted, this is not the outcome I had hoped for, but this match had every essential thing to have us all gripped from start to finish!

The second being the first ever Asylum match between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose. This was the one I was looking forward to the most, after the promo on Raw between Ambrose and Jericho, (which in my opinion is the best promo that I have seen on WWE programming for the longest time) it had been built up, brilliantly to be a highly anticipated match and it didn’t disappoint! Brutality, entertaining and in some small parts, a tad comical, for example, Ambrose gently ex-foliating Jericho’s face with a mop. All fun and games stopping as Ambrose dropped the elbow on Jericho from the top of the cage then releasing the thumb tacks hidden in the bucket, a clear Foley influence. Jericho slammed back first onto the tacks and a dirty deeds sending Jericho head first into the tacks saw Dean Ambrose as the winner of what was an awesome match.

For the longest time, fans have felt that WWE Creative haven’t had a clue what to do with Ambrose putting him in nonsensical feud time after time with no real outcome or character direction, actually, if we are talking real, WWE Creative have been lacklustre for the longest time, is this a sign that they are starting to come to life? I do hope so.

Back to talking about the PPV… More specifically, the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles. Although the match was predictable with an even more predictable ending, seeing it breakdown as Gallows and Anderson intervened, closesly followed by the Usos, it was a great match. A very anti Reigns crowd, very vocal with loud and rife chants of “You can’t wrestle” and “Roman sucks”.

Then, it happened! There were whispers, speculation and rumours he would be there and out comes Seth Rollins, met with rumblings and roars of the masses in attendance, delivering a pedigree to Reigns much to the delight of the audience and standing tall in the ring raising the WWE World heavyweight Championship above his head!

Love him or hate him, Rollins’ absence was felt and considering the Reigns creative direction of “The Man” is not working, in fact, its failing in monumental fashion. I do not hate Reigns, far from it but this concept just isnt working, to the point that in my opinion and some others I have spoken to, the Reigns/Styles match was overshadowed by The Ambrose/Jericho match and the Intercontinental championship fatal 4 way. Now, with Seth Rollins returning, this could see a much needed, creative change in the World Heavyweight Championship frame.

TNA: One Night Only -Victory Road!

Not going to lie, I didn’t actually know that this was on… Flicking through the listings and saw that it was on, bad little Wrestling fan… Lol!!

One thing that does confuse me, is the introduction pf Gregory Shane Helms! Mainly because other than recruiting Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett, there hasn’t exactly been great character direction where he is concerned, he talks about “The Helms Dynasty” but it hasn’t really seemed to go anywhere… Yet!

Helms, made a comment that he said he was going to reignite the X-Division, BUT, in the Grand scheme of things, the X-Division hasn’t had a lot of time or creative idealism for the longest time now, but, with an Ultimate X match on the way, maybe they could use this to magnify and catapult the division to the forefront! As I have said before and still maintain to this day, the X Division was one of the stand out elements that has the fans interest from the beginning. Back then, if someone said “TNA” you would think of the X-Division. It was an original, exciting foundation that the company had way back when and they have apparently lost sight of the appeal of the X-Division.

One thing I really do like about this “One Night Only” shows is the opportunities for unknown or little known talent coming in and having matches with active roster members, giving us, the fans chances to see matches we haven’t seen before. Always a win in the eye of us wrestling fans… Nothing worse than a stale, seen multiple times card.

Another good thing about watching “Victory Road” was the replay of two matches from 2009. Dr. Stevie V Abyss in the no DQ match and The TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Kurt Angle and Mick Foley. Nothing like reliving brilliant, nostalgic matches.

Had 3 favourite matches of the night, the first being Bram V The Cowboy James Storm. This was a match that you just knew, was going to be more a fight, than a wrestling match and was exactly that! Two Men who putting together was brilliance. The second match I really enjoyed was Trevor Lee V Eddie Edwards, showing partial bias towards Eddie Edwards on my part as I am a huge fan of the wolves, both men are incredibly talented, both together and apart. Trevor Lee, although I am now a huge fan is a brilliant talent and I thoroughly enjoyed their match up. My third favourite match was the main event of the evening, between Eli Drake and EC3. As I have said before, EC3 (with the exception of Drew Galloway, who is just as on fire as EC3) is the absolute man right now and Eli Drake, who, love him or hate him, he creates a buzz, everyone has an opinion about him. He is cocky and arrogant but has every bit the talent and reason for it.

It was an awesome main event and a great PPV, looking forward to their next One Night Only PPV.

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WWE “New era”

In my absence, a lot has happened in the world of WWE! Some needed and interesting changes! Shane McMahon made a return after a 6 year absence. Not going to lie, I completely marked out upon his arrival! Stating the actual problems the company has been having for the longest time now, some of which, I have mentioned here, myself. His match with the Undertaker at Wrestlemania was brilliant! Loved every second of it. I was even happier that he has been kept around since Mania.

Another huge thing that happened whilst I have been away (well, massive for me), was the arrival of The Phenomenal one, AJ Styles! From the second I first saw that man, I was instantly a huge fan! Styles, is without doubt, one of the best in the business…. They don’t call him Phenomenal for nothing!!

Seeing the main roster arrivals of people like Sami Zayn, very recently Dana Brooke and my favourite Tag Team at the moment, Enzo and Cass! Very new talent, bringing new possibilities, yet, the problems with the ratings is still ongoing, seeing Monday’s Raw bring in 3.3 million viewers in the first hour and dropping to 2.8 million in the final hour. This problem has been going on for some time now, even with the company’s efforts to turn it around. Moves I believe, some have been positive and highly enjoyable (I know,from me, shocking!!).

One change I was elated to see take place was the scrapping of the horrible term “Diva” and the bringing back of the Women’s Championship! Hopefully this is another positive move for the Women’s division and it will last longer that the so called “Diva’s revolution”, a revolution that seemingly ceased to exist not long after its beginning! Hopefully, we will see much more exciting stuff for the women’s division.

Speaking of exciting… For me, right now, the feud between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, I am loving this storyline! It has an edgier feel to it and Ambrose is playing the role of the Lunatic with fantastic precision, to the point, in my head was a little voice chanting Mox!! Mox!! Mox!!! His promo from inside “The Asylum” (or “WWE presents Lethal Lock down” as a few have referred to it, as it has similarities) was epic!  I, for one am looking forward to extreme rules just because I am looking forward to this match, which in my opinion, has the potential to be the show stealer of the night.

In my opinion, there are still things that do need to be changed within the company, but with the return of Shane and the addition of new faces, I feel this “New era” could be the start of something great…. We just have to wait and see.